What is the difference between Pipsopedia Online and Offline License systems?


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Pipsopedia's online license system is a server-based web application while the offline license system is a desktop application that you can run on your PC. So, you need to maintain a VPS or webserver to host the online license system and you can access it from any device using a web browser. 

In the offline system, you cannot suspend the license keys after you issue them to your customers. So, you have to set an expiry date if you are using subscriptions or it's necessary to limit the license keys to a specific MT4 account number. 

However, in the online licensing system, you can suspend license keys remotely. Also, it has an API to integrate with another website or automate the license generation process. Additionally, it has the floating license feature that can limit a license key to a specific number of MT4 accounts.

One license key generator of the Pipsopedia Offline License System is for securing one EA or indicator. Therefore, if you have multiple EAs/indicators, we suggest you purchase Pipsopedia Online Licensing System that allows you to manage unlimited EA/indicators.

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